Saturday, September 22, 2012

The star wars George Lucas does not want you to see...

I think Lucas needs to let others take the wheel on his baby and give others a go. He fucked his own empire good, millions of fans have turned their backs on him. Not the universe he created, but his direction with it. He has turned it into a corporate giant, a rushed product with virtually endless funds and technology at his finger tips. Therefore the stories, acting, and just making good films all lack.
You have heard it all before, and no matter how much he defends it... that company knows it has lost fans. Do they care, no because a million kids love it, and some die hard nerds still refuse to say it sucks, reasons... I have no idea.
I have heard rumors of a Boba Fett movie, now that would be something I would watch. As a kid, who didn't love Boba Fett, even the action figure was the coolest.
They did the animated Star Wars movie which I turned off, I was losing I.Q. points rapidly.
I think the problem is Lucas himself, he probably does not want some one making a better movie which takes place in the universe he created. Not a hard task...
Anyways, Lucasfilm is on the witch hunt down and pull this video... catch it while you can.
I am not a big anime fan, but this is done very well and is full of nerd eye candy.

All hail Master Otaking 77077... be the little guy that takes on the big guy and wins. Its possible, just like that movie with the Kid who flies into space and fights his robot dad or something like that.

Star Wars Tie Fighter Animation (WIP) by... by Spi0n

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