Thursday, September 20, 2012


I say boycott the fucking bastards... cheap fucking company and heartless.
I never read the news paper, it is filled with lies and bullshit, but today I decided to, I grabbed it from a empty seat on the commuter train.
I was skimming and came across the title of "SHELL SHOCKER"
I heard about how this man Jayesh Prajapati was killed tragically by some asshole who decided to to do a "Gas and dash" fill it up and take off.
If it was me and probably if it was you... fuck it, let them go. This is not a family owned business, this is SHELL, they have been in Canada since 1911 and make billions... not a small company, they can take a loss like that.
Well from what I have been reading, shell employees in some cases have been told if a "Gas and dash"takes place they are being docked!
One lady who was working for a Canadian tire gas station was told "Pay the loses or leave"
She left, incidences like this and several other cases have been reported to the Ontario federation of labour.
Shell apparently made a statement saying that they are saddened by this tragic loss of life, and something about a trust fund.
Sorry... this man who was the bread winner of his home, who was probably sick and tired of getting his pay docked because of these "gas dashers" stuck his neck out to save your company $112.85.
You cant pick up the funeral tab?
You make BILLIONS...
You big companies talk about saving the environment, supporting the community and all nice and happy things you to make us all believe that your company does no wrong.

Jayesh Prajapati leaves behind his son and wife.

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