Sunday, July 15, 2012

Listen to the new SMASHING PUMPKINS right here...

Back in the 90s I was in love with the whole grunge scene. I hated rock for years, growing up I never wanted to listen to my dads music, that was lame. Even though he blasted Hendrix, Santana, Zepplin and the Beatles... I hated it. The 80s was just dudes in make up and shitty songs, cock rock.
The grunge era provided me with a alternative (no pun intended ) to rock music which I loved.
I was working nights at a grocery store and my brother left a Soundgarden tape in my walkman, I was hooked.
I liked the smashing pumpkins, I would never say I loved them and I did see them in concert at the legendary Maple leaf gardens with Clint Farkas. It was impressive, very loud and entertaining.
I am happy to see that they are back, and the  one thing that I am loving most is Corgan is speaking out on subjects like the NWO, Illuminati, injustices of the world, he wants what we all want truth and justice for everyone. From what I have read is that the critics are bashing the album, and that is just a dirty tactic to try and silence him and the band.
For fuck sakes, if you like or love the "Smashing Pumpkins" you are going to enjoy this album.
Listen to it... do not let some prick dictate to you that the album is bad, he is paid to trash what he is told.
click to be taken to the album...

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