Saturday, July 14, 2012


This dude is pretty bad ass for 73 years of age. I love him in "House of 1000 corpses" and "The devils rejects" but what I love most about Sid was seeing him at the fan expo in Toronto a few years back. He was signing autographs for people and some guy in line was a clone of Kip, Napoleon Dynamites brother. Stupid mustache, lil shorts, pale, skinny, coke bottle lenses,  all 110 pounds soaking wet wanted a autograph. Sid greeted him, shook his hand and asked for his name, his name was John.
John was talking up a storm, and I guess kept wanting to change what Sid was going to write down on his glossy photo. Sid eventually got tired of this and cut the guy off and yelled "HOW ABOUT I WRITE... FUCK... YOU... JOHN HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!" I swear to god he was Captain Spaulding for that moment. John nervously nodded yes and Sid with a ear to ear smile wrote away again and in unison with what he was writing yelled out "Fuck... you... john!... OK?""
I pretty much shit myself on the spot, you have to understand the place is rammed, it is noisy as hell but that is all I could hear and see for the moment. John Walked away and Sid turned and looked right at me and I turned away walking in fear... looked back and he was still watching. Did I mention I WAS NOT waiting in line for a autograph it was like he knew.
Anyways you bad ass muther fucker... HAPPY 73RD!!

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