Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Greatest Rant Against Killing, weapons, and war...

Maybe not the greatest... but I found this to hold a lot of truth.
I remember friends fathers going on about battleships and bombers, how great they were. Even as a kid I can remember thinking to myself "These things kill people, why are they so great?"
I can appreciate the work involved, the sheer size of these things but all in all they are made to kill.
Imagine where we could and would be if the human race  did not spend all this time creating devices that essentially destroy?
A trip to mars would have happened...  a long time ago ... that would be old news.

I mean no disrespect to the soldiers or the families of the soldiers but I do not support what they do. It is a war with no clear winners, young people are dying 1000's of miles from home and it is a bunch of rich guys calling the shots. The true service would be throwing down the gun and refusing to do the devils work.
I refuse to buy into this big lie...
I like what he said... worth a listen.

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