Saturday, March 30, 2013


Naomi Klein - After I read her book "No logo" she changed my life as a consumer dramatically. I was not really one for forking out $100's on name brand clothing, but she broke it down for us on how it goes down.
She is a eye opener, a activist and she ripped on the Toronto O.P.P. when several injustices went down during the G20.

I always have a soft spot for people who can make the problems of the world disappear with laughter. John Ritter was a comedic genius in my book, his portrayal of Jack Tripper was immensely funny  . He was also a very kind person who cared about his fans. Before e-mail he use to correspond with a troubled and suicidal young man. John's words were good enough to keep this young man alive. It was a sad day when he passed...

I love real rebel music...  Alec Empire as a solo artist or with his band mates in ATARI TEENAGE RIOT!  His music is not for everyone, loud, glitchy, rodderdamn pounding and screaming lyrics. His music and his views are so far beyond the basic. Take for example when he took money from Sony who paid him to use his music in a psp touch commercial. He took the money and gave it to Anonymous who in turn... shut down the playstation network.
God forbid you had to go outside that day... read it HERE

2 in one!
Chuck D from Public Enemy , wow... where do I start.
Public Enemy was pretty much a favorite of mine for years. "Yo... bum rush the show" is a classic album and is in rotation still with me.  A positive roll model, a revolutionary and a speaker of truth!

DannyBoy O'Connor... House of pain was a hip hop group I could relate to. Irish, drinking, party...crazy fucks!!
I am not irish, Scottish... but similar in many ways! House of pain kinda molded me, gave me more of my identity.
I have been fortunate enough to do some small things here and there with Dannyboy. I took some photos for his really popular project known as "Delta Bravo urban expedition "
I dig his clothing line Hellfire... dope!

Hands down... the greatest fighter of all time... GREATEST! If we were all like Ali... the world would be years beyond what we are now.

Ralph Bakshi - He has mad several animated movies that were simply amazing. I think he got a lot of raw deals and was swept under the rug. I highly recommend "Wizards" and "Fire and ice" Some one who was kept down but did what he wanted... love what he does!

Sun Tsu - The art of War. You can defeat enemies with out physical violence... a total master! I own his book...

Danny Trejo - Dude bounced back from 11 years in prison to being in several hollywood movies. Pretty boys suck... LONG LIVE DANNY!

Jim Henson - A great gentle and creative mind.

He created "OBEY" I can remember seeing "Obey" in the back of skateboard magazines back in the early 90s. Now its in shopping malls worn by 1000's of teenage boys and girls. Not my thing, but you built a money maker no doubt.
You lost some cred with the Obama hope poster... oh well.

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