Saturday, February 23, 2013

The WWE has a message for Glenn Beck -- if you're gonna talk smack about the organization ... BE A MAN ... AND DO IT IN PERSON!!

I have no idea who this Glenn Beck person is, nor do I care but he said something rather stupid.
He apparently went on a rampage against "Stupid wrestling people" after the WWE introduced a new villain. This Villain Zeb Colter is suppose to be a die hard American with a racist point of view and is the manager of Jack Swagger.
The WWE invited Beck to come on the show and explain himself... I agree with Beck not showing up. Why walk on a show you hate and give them ratings that would blow the roof.
The video below is very interesting because they cut a promo as their Characters and then they break character and introduced who they are and it is all strait talk after that.
My whole thing is this...  Wrestling is not fake, it is entertainment. They play characters on television , to some it is silly to millions of others they get a kick out of it.
Why is Glenn Beck picking at this and insulting them... entertainment, and if you do not like it... then do not watch.

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