Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Posable Grendizer USB memory figure that docks with a desktop saucer, licensed by Dynamic and Go Nagai, part of the Incubots robot line

Oh I really really need one of these... I am a huge GRANDIZER fan.
Good luck, I plan to buy one of these for sure!

Incubot Productions is a group of robot-loving designers and collectors who come together to make awesome USB drives that do cool stuff! We love articulating limbs, accessories, light-ups, and other features which make super robots SUPER. We have a great partner with CustomUSB. Our Voltron and Gigantor drives have been tremendously received, and now we want to kick it up a notch.

Grendizer is our most ambitious project to date, and true to the robot you love. He docks with a desktop saucer, his head snaps back, and of course he has a double-harken which can be broken into two axe weapons!

We've already gotten the license, produced prototypes, and gotten the molds and electronics ready. Your funds would really help us with creating the initial run of inventory at doable scale, and allow us to add all the detail and packaging work we want to make this amazing. 

It's been a dream come true to work with Dynamic. By helping to get this to profitability, we'll be able to move forward with our ambitious plans for even MORE Go Nagai robots, like Mazinger Z.

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