Sunday, February 24, 2013

Former WWE superstar selling photos of himself in Grand Central subway station...

This is truly sad, but on the other hand I have heard people complain that he is a pretty messed up individual.
I did see him at one of the Fanexpos in Toronto and was warned to avoid him at all cost, do not make eye contact!
Apparently he has gone as far as running up to people and talking them into buying his photos that are worth "A lot of money" but he sells them at 5 bucks a pop?
This is sad to see, this guy was on pay-perviews, had toys made in his likeness, had a great feud with the Million dollar man... now he has been reduced to this.
People have poked fun at him, but he is also to blame for his behavior and actions that really have pushed people away.
I can remember reading that Ric Flair cried when he watched "The wrestler" because unfortunately this was the fait for many wrestling superstars. They punish themselves, make a decent amount of money, blow it all and end up trying to make ends meet by selling autographs at expos.
Hogan, Stone cold, The undertaker can make money at selling autographs at 20 bucks a pop... guys like Virgil can not. Perry Saturn from what I read was and still maybe homeless and at one point hooked on drugs.
I feel for these guys because they provided a lot of us with entertainment growing up. Some of these guys only know the Gym, eating right, and wrestling... nobody has showed them to save money or plan ahead.

I am sure people are laughing at this but I feel for the guy. Possibly a good chance the reason he is here is because of bad choices, but I feel for him.

The parking lot and nobody gives a shit... I would love to talk to him, but not be hassled into buying a picture of him for 20 bucks.

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