Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CM Punk Knocks a Fan Out at Raw in Sacramento, Ca 10/8/12

Ok, I am 50/50 on this... Punk is a big superstar and he has lots of fans. Sorry but people want to touch you for the simple fact they can touch you. I find a hand shake and a "Hello I am a big fan" works well.
Whatever, this is a little to much and this is not the attitude era no more... they are trying to pass people beating one another as a family show, sure.
As for punk, hitting a fan like this is a little much... but where is security.
Who knows maybe this guy was a plant, part of the show.
Whatever the case, Punk is one of the reasons I still care about wrestling...
As you can see up close... the guy bumps his head when trying to put on his shades or something. Punk bashes him good right in front of a child... family entertainment at its best! If they branded it for mature audiences I would question this father, but it is a family show?! No family shows I watch have guys smashing the fans...

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