Thursday, September 6, 2012

Truth hurts...

When Kurt Cobain was gone...I stopped listening to Nirvanas that week . What killed it for me is the morons who automatically become number one fans of the recently departed superstars. But... we also have those who like to call you a "Poser" for liking the group because of the resent death of the singer. This as a youth bugged me and it changed the way I went about with music, too long and technical to explain.
When Guru, Jammaster jay, MCA and Roc Raida all passed I was upset and I uploaded my device with music of theirs. I felt compelled to listen to it out of respect, it as my way of honoring all the good times they provided with music. How many times did "License to ill" make a a late night back yard pool party for me, many times! Sitting around smoking weed and doing mushrooms tripping and listening to "Pauls Boutique". Walking down the street in a Adidas shoes and a radio over the shoulder cranking RUN DMC. Endless... so for me, when a artist dies and I follow and love the artist I will play the music. But I was never much of a Michael Jackson fan, talented but not my thing... I am not running out to buy his greatest hits and whatever else.

Same goes for when you stars fuck up, when you cheat, have your home made porn stolen, when you are drinking and driving... the media grabs it and feeds it.
I could careless... all you reality stars and shit actors and actresses can all tank and piss up a rope.
Waste of time...
Yet it does bug me when a star dies and everyone jumps on that band wagon.

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