Saturday, September 15, 2012


Very interesting, I have never done LSD I only used mushrooms. People say different things about the 2, but from what I hear in similarities is both of these change the world as they knew it.
For me mushrooms was a wild ride, and if I was not in a comfortable spot or if someone was trippin it made a wild ride a shit ride.
For the most part, it was a eye opener and I think if people tried hallucinogens it would do some of us some good. The best way to explain my experience, it was like I had a blinders on to the world prier to ingesting them. 8hrs later I was looking at the world differently, more positive and creative. Not to mention laughing with my friends until our sides hurt. I read and watched regular people who became Guinea pigs from the 50s and 60s and they explained their experiences at "Spiritual" Does that sound bad, this is not coke, heroin or some chemical you take at a club.

Hofmann's Potion by Connie Littlefield, National Film Board of Canada

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