Sunday, September 16, 2012

ADMIRAL CRUMPLE Album review... better late then never!!

I have to apologize to the Admiral , I got his cd personaly sent to my home and I have been so busy I have not had time to review it.

So here we go...

First off,  I have heard the term "HIP HOP IS DEAD" quite a bit, passed around on message boards and on t-shirts. I do not believe it is dead, I think it is diseased. I have been listening since 84 when it was far from commercial. It grew, it grew, it became a unstopbale monster... now it is a unstable monster.
I cant get into hip hop like I use to, I love grimy, dirty, nasty shit which I see once in a blue moon. Plus being as busy as I am, I do not have hours to find music like I use to.
I use to run a blog for artist, actors, musicians, bands, models who were strictly from Ontario Canada and this is how I came across Admiral Crumple.

I have not heard all his albums, but I did some research and came across a lot of his music uploaded on youtube. Not only did I come across his music, I came across a few other things...
Apparently Copywrite from Megahertz and Crumple had some beef, this is old news and it is done and over with. Thing is, that is exposure... good or bad the name is heard.
Vice magazine which I use to read, I love the "Do's and Don'ts"gave him a shit rating. You take the good with the bad and not everyone is going to rant and rave about what you do. Still his album got a review in a very popular magazine... some of you are pushing wack albums in shopping malls. Stopping me while I am carrying bags of groceries and tell me any amount will do...
As for Vice... lots and lots of Ads and it is nothing more but a hipster magazine.
Dude catches a lot of heat, but what I admire about him is that he keeps going and does not stop. Some message boards are pretty unforgiving and nasty... just opinions in my eyes. All the negativity, vulgar words are just long winded nonsence. If you do not like his stuff do you really need to carry on and on about it?
Lets focus on the positive here...
He has worked with Kool Keith, Jus Allah from jedi mind tricks, Cage, Sean Strange, Lord Lhus,  and Babylon Warchild.
He even had the chance to get on stage to rock the mic along side one of my favs the Legendary KRS-1

Not to mention, this guy has a cult like following in Toronto... as much as some of you hate, he has people paying money to see his shows and his latest CD "Dark sentences" sold out at underground
Hate all you want... some of you can't give away your shit for free.

Ok album review...

No club hits, no R&B singers, no songs about rims and bling... this is grime. I am sure he catches a lot of cheap shots just because his music does not contain such things. His style is dark and paints a picture of life's ups and downs.
I would say if you were a fan of Cage you would like this album, similarities in topics and mood not as in style of rapping.
As for his style of flowing on the mic it is different, he is differently not trying to sound like the next man. I admire and respect that, it shows he has balls and believes in what he does... it works.
Production, it is not a big polished album... which I like. When I say it is "Not polished" I mean it does not sound like a big over produced album. The beats almost sound like themes for Jason Voorhees or Pinhead.
My favorite songs off the CD is Visionaries, Haunted and City life featuring Jus Allah.

With the good comes the bad...
I do not like the song "Hot chick" only because the song that was sampled. I grew up with Nazareth played in the house, but I disliked "Love hurts" very much. Nothing to do with the song "Hot chick", just the sample.
I think the scratching needs some work also. I will say this... a lot of Hip Hop today has zero scratching on a album, at least he has some.
That is it, I really do not like rating albums, 8 out 10, 2 thumbs up... blaa blaa blaa... it depends on my mood and where I am at.
If I could suggest one more thing... focus on doing a video done professionally. A million other people are doing the same thing and just ramming youtube with them. A well made video will get you noticed...
Get at me.. I got the hook ups.

His album may not be your cup of tea... I liked it, check it out.

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