Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ice Cube Discusses History -- N.W.A. Beef, Working In NYC On Solo Debut & Upcoming Projects

I took to Cube right away when he was in NWA, I just thought he was the dopest M.C. of the group. When he split, and I read he was making a album in new york with the Bomb squad... I was buggin out in grade 10. I can remember some dude who knew I loved Ice Cube just made me a tape of "Amerikkkas most wanted" He just walked up to me and goes "I know you love Ice Cube, check this!"
I played that tape forever, when my brother stole it we came to blows and he handed it over. I still rock that album on my ipod.
Cube lost some points with me when he did Disney movies and beefed with Cypress hill. Never the less, Cube is a dope M.C. and can murder shit loads of these so called "Rappers" today.
3 clips... all interesting...

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