Monday, August 6, 2012

Force five to be released on DVD for the 1st time ever...

I am truely excited for this, this was a cartoon I took to as a child. When other kids were watching G.I. Joe, Thundercats, He-man I was all over this show. It was 5 different anime shows, 4 of them about giant robots 1 about a trio of cyborgs.
I scored a box set that was copied off of T.V. 30 odd years ago, it works... but I want it clean and enhanced.
Jim Terry productions will be producing these, it includes all animated shows Grandizer, Starvengers, Gaiking, SpaceKeteers, Danguard Ace. All of these contain a 100minute movie and 26 TV episodes (5 dvds)
They are looking at getting 500 pre-orders prior to releasing the sets... get on it.
Unfortunately I wont be able to order mine until Mid September...
Watch the video... extremely clean!!

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