Saturday, July 21, 2012

Im still up in the air, cuz 20 years ago you said "Jump around"

Being a hip hop kid since the mid 80s, I could really never identify with everything in hip hop.  I can remember trading my Grandmaster flash album for the Beasties boy License to ill cuz my parents refuswd to buy it for me.
Then in high school, these dudes were going on about House Of Pain, irish rappers. I hated on it right away because I though it was another stereo M.C.'s type deal. A few hours I was at home and heard Jump around for the 1st time, ran into the basement and asked "Who are thses guys?"
I was pretty much a die hard fan after that, and they sorta molded me and gave me something to related to.
I started rocking flannel, grew a goatee, shaved my head and it made me respect my Scottish / irish roots even more so.
I feel old... 20 years!!!

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