Sunday, July 1, 2012

Henry Rollins on Gay Marriage...

Soooo impressed with this...
I wont lie growing up, we always said the word "Faggot", or we would refer to something as "Gay". But to be honest, coming from me it was never meant as a stab at Gays.
I can remember my mother scolding me, telling me it was wrong and I need to stop.
I left this small town, moved away and started work in a department store. I made friends with a co-worker who was totally gay and in hiding. We got a long great, we worked the night shift cranking nine inch nails and made tapes of hardcore industrial music for each other. A lot of the old ladies on the night shift hated him... and for what. I would get perfered treatment over him almost always, him and I would laugh at the stupidity of these old bags but it was also sad.
Then I started working in the city, I have had gay-coworkers, gay bosses, gay friends, my girlfriends best friend is gay. Never once was I scared or nervous around them, I went to a gay bar to celebrate a friends birthday. I would never go back and that was because those delicious martinis were out of my prices range.
What gets under my skin is a lot of people who fight for rights... will come down on the gay community. Sorry if I come off racist here... if I could find the clip of the video I would post it. A bunch of black men were really really laying it down to some people, nothing bad mind you. Then they came to homosexuality  and cursed the shit out of it. The blackman has been abused and tormented by the police, the Government and have had their rights trampled on severely. They fought like hell, took it to the streets, took it to the man if you will. Now to go and trample on gay community... you are being just as bad. I apologize if I upset anyone, by using these black man as an example... but it bugged me.

I really do not care if some of my friends read this and shake their heads in disgust... sorry guys, Keith is not a Homophobe.
I know this may be really difficult for some... but how about just letting two people love each and do not worry about it. Can you do that...???


R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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