Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aaron Freeman aka GENE WEEN closes the door on ween... sad, sad day!

From Aaron Freemans facebook page...

"I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your kind words and support. It means a lot. My decision to leave Ween, however interpreted, was absolutely not made in haste. It's involved over a decade's worth of internal and external struggle. Know that I am extremely proud of all that Ween created, and want to leave it that way. I need to now move on for myself, and for my family. Many new roads to travel, bridges to cross... Love to you All, -Aaron"

Together since grade 8...Dean and Gene Ween.

How sad is this, I absolutely love WEEN, I was introduced to them by some pot head social retard roughly about 15 years ago. He was siting on this hand me down couch, all shifty eyed and leaned over to me. "Ehh man... you into Ween?" I gave it a chance and I was pretty much hooked.
The 1st Ween album I bought was "The mullusk" which seemed to have a water theme to it. Songs like "Ocean man" and "The blarney stone" grabbed me instantly. 
15 years ago I was really into smoking large amounts of pot and drinking for hours on end and the whole time listening to Ween. It grew on me, and the stranger the music was the more I was loving it.
The album Pure Guava was a true test, I tried to listen to it now and it just does not fly with me. At the time I was on my own spaced out planet, trippin and wanted to push the limits of strangeness. We had lots of strange music to bug out to, but the main 3 was the "invisible skratch picklz", "Kool Keith" or Ween.

My hip hop friends despised Ween greatly, and I do not blame them, it is miles away from what they were listening to.
However when you are a big pot smoker, you do meet a lot of interesting people and Ween was always a great ice breaker. Whether it be fellow listeners or people just introduced , it could carry on forever.
It is just sad to see the end of this, I thought they would just go on forever... like they say, nothing is forever.
Well the amount of brain cells I killed listening to these guy smoking bongs all night is forever.
Peace homies!

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