Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Identity Crisis declares Rock and Roll is My Woman in new video

Mississauga musician Paul Castro is releasing a new video for his single, Rock and Roll is My Woman.
It's being officially released onCastro's YouTube channel next Monday , but fans can view it a few days earlier by "liking" his fanpage (
Castro, an Applewood Heights Secondary School graduate who performs under the stage name The Identity Crisis, says the song was written seven years ago and was originally released on his album, Record of the Year.
He says many people refer to the single as his "trademark song."
Castro, who teaches music on the side and also produces music for other emerging artists, describes it as a track that verbalizes his passion for music and explores his struggle with being an artist.
"It's really about questioning whether or not all my hard work is going to pay off in the long run, whether I will make it," he said. "Even if I do make it, is it going to satisfy me on all levels?"
Castro says he's achieved local success, but continues to search for more satisfaction. He says the song still reflects how he feels as an artist and is a good introduction for people who are discovering his music for the first time.
He hopes that by bringing the song back through video, people will appreciate it for its diversity.
Castro's music blends different sounds including latin, hip-hop and rock.
He's focused on creating more music videos that spark interest.
"I don't want to be doing cliche videos right now," said Castro. "I want to be doing things that are thought provoking."
He says his video for Rock and Roll is My Woman is open to interpretation. It was inspired by the TV series, The X-Files, but he won't reveal anymore about it.


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