Thursday, June 28, 2012

B.C. minor hockey coach trips opposing player in handshake lineup

I was an extreamly athletic kid, I ran in the kilometer club every morning, excelled in gym, played road hockey everyday for like 6 years. Indoor soccer, baseball, house league sports. I was always a good sport when it came to winning and losing. I had friends on opposing teams and we even hung out with them before and after games.
What killed it for me in organized sports... was the people who took the game way to serious and the parents.
I can remember parents pushing kids to be the best, and freaking at them if they messed up. My dad and grandmother who attended my games, would giggle, smirk, cheer... but never lay a verbal smack down on me. Some of these kids took games as life and death ... I thought they were dicks, I was just happy to play a sport and win or lose.
I can remember some parents and coaches who were also parents of players on my team would lose it and scream at us.
One day I just told my father that I did not want to play organized sports no longer and he was fine with that. Some other kids on the team may have had the shit kicked out of them... but my dad was fine with my decision.
It pains me to see that we have such a poor sport of a coach here, no getting out of this... this was on purpose. Same type of attitude here... seriously man, you are a fucking moron.

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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