Sunday, May 27, 2012


Now that George Lucas has everything at his finger tips, he has made long time fans of his star wars franchise hate it and hate him. He defends it, and people say "It is a kids movie" or "It is only a movie". Yeah well fine, and it is only hardcore fans that loved what you did and eagerly waited 20 years for the next trilogy.
I am so sick of it broadcasted on SPIKE TV once a month, it came out on dvd, now this year on blu-ray with some shitty extra supposed lost footage. Not to mention they are also being released in the theater in the cash grabbing 3d format. (Avatar was proper 3d)
He made me hate the star wars universe, the only thing that could grab my interest is to let others take the wheel for a bit.  I understand following guide lines that he wants to have followed, even then he can be a dick about it. I do not recall the expanded universe novel, but something in the new animated series messed it all up, and he was not about to change it. Something to do with the Mandalore warriors.

Soooo apparently director/producer Joe Johnson is talking to Lucas about making a Boba Fett movie. Johnson is known for Captain America, Jumanji, Jurassic park 3 and October sky. I do not mind any of these movies... at least it is not Michael Bay.
Not to go off topic but I was watching a documentary on Gilligans island, they mentioned that they did not have a writing team. All the writers were freelance, and they changed all the time. This gave the show a fresh feel to it, and it  worked.
This can apply to the SW universe, keep  "Yes men" away from Lucas, tell him his shit sucks and let some people bring back some faith into the company. You have billions, let others take the wheel and you sit back.
Episode 2 set the tone for Boba, we saw his father and Boba witnessed his murder... it makes for a great story. To me he could be the Snake Plisskin of outer space, I say let him make the movie and no cute creatures, no comedy, no silly noises... just a hard ass bounty hunter.

Can you just see it... The Hutts,  The Empire, other bounty hunters, a run in with a younger Solo...

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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