Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The city I love has many, many low lives and dirt bags.

I like to think of myself as a peaceful person, I have never been on a mission to hurt someone for the hell of it. I have been in situations where someone wanted to do physical harm to me and was forced to defend myself which I did and they regretted it. I do not condone violence, but like anything there is a time and place for such things... unfortunately. Over time I have lived in the city and occasionally was confronted by angry and sometimes violent street people. I watched a bunch of homeless native Canadians surround a small university student, rough him up and he was forced to hand over money. My ex girlfriend was pinned to a wall by a big angry supposed ex con who I just gave 2 dollars to about 20mins prior. That almost came to blows, but we walked away from it and he got a ear full.
I was also attacked by a meth head, I  had to defend myself and with one arm because a week prior I had a skateboarding accident.
Unfortunately I have seen such acts like this video below and more then once...
I think these 3 girls are fucking dirt... here is why.
They gave this girl the opportunity to walk away, even though she was acting up and not leaving, they should have never let this come to be. They knew she was not all there, they knew she was pregnant and to top it off its 3 on 1.
Yes the girl hit her with her coat and she knocked a bottle out of her hand... hmmm maybe restraint and calling the police. Or if the police are out of the question and I respect that... maybe just walk away?
I think walking away is something I would do for the reason I hate people touching me and I do not want to touch other people period. Especially homeless people, sorry they are pretty dirty.
So 3 of you beat the piss out of her... you kicked her in the face, you spat on her and you kicked a woman with child in the stomach.
You are all swine to me... because of this act none of you can ever be a women, just a load mouth hoodrats. Maybe you think different but the whole world is watching your cowardly act.
As for the sissy holding the camera filming this... you filmed this for the soul purpose to get this on "WORLD STAR HIP HOP" You let a pregnant woman get beat by 3 pigs... you are not a man. If you ever read this, you may laugh, call me out, or say a bunch of shit I do not care about because I am beyond your way of living. One day you will look back at this and regret what you did and let happen... mark my words. You are not a man...
As for the other 3 oxygen monsters ... I could go on with insults but I think your actions speak volumes. I think one of you was arrested already... I expect more shit will be falling on your lap, court, record, community service... totally worth it!! :)
All the best... I know I have not been perfect in my life and your conscience can come back to haunt you.  So 10-15 years from now, maybe you will change and for the better but you will never be able to change that 3 of you beat the shit out of a homeless pregnant lady and kicked her in the stomach. Who knows what damaged you have caused and most filth bags like yourselves will say "I do not care"
I have eaten at this Burger King before, I am very familiar with the area... its always in the evening that young people with nothing better to do hang out and act like fucking tools. Care to dispute that??

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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