Sunday, September 18, 2011

Its time we turn the tables on Mr. Lucas...

How do you like all the edits... all the changes, the stripping of dignity.
You spit on my childhood, every toy my parents bought me, every Christmas memory of anticipating a few Star Wars toys... you spit on.
You just cannot leave the movies alone can you... it is a total cash grab.
I hope the boycott of the blu-rays hurts you, probably wont since millions of brain dead people keep buying into your bullshit.
I cant bare to watch these movies anymore, I loved them as a child and loathe them as a adult. STOP FUCKING WITH THEM!
Or at least put the originals (untouched) on blu-ray... you bit the hands that fed you.
Nothing with wrong with the picture... so why fix it.

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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