Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sorry I need to vent, and it is not going to stop until... Well I do not know when... until I feel justice has been served.
1st off what company lets you get away with 2 YEARS of no payments! We were lead to believe that hydro was part of our monthly Fees in our condo. We never received any type of letter, or had to sign anything. Cable yes, we called, the guy came over and hooked us up... have paid bills on time for 2 years, end of story.
If you miss a mastercard payment they are calling you up and asking what the hell is going on, pay up! I could understand after 6 months them sending us a letter warning us "Hey guys, pay this bill or else!"
I would have some questions and would want to get this sorted out as soon as possible. BUT TO WAIT 2 YEARS, CUT OUR POWER ON A FRIDAY NIGHT AND TELL US WE CAN HAVE POWER AGAIN AS LONG AS WE FORK OVER 1500 BUCKS AND NOT UNTIL MONDAY!!??
What the hell is this companies problem...
We came home to a photocopy jammed in our door saying we are cut because we have a outstanding bill of 1500 bucks. Apparently they have tried numerous times to contact us which is news to us because we have not had one bill, not 1 phone call... not even some guy in a suit showing up at the door threatening us to break our legs if we do not pay up. NOTHING!!
The funny thing also is my girlfriends name was not on the page, it had the name of the building.
My girlfriend tore strips off the people on the phone, she told them she understands it is not them... but she had to vent.
No power, a couple of dinky flash lights and candles is all we had... I could not even  boil water.
Yes we survived the ordeal,  our budget is going to be short the next few months but we have been extremely inconvenienced here. I have the flu right now, the last thing I want to do is come home to this, then get up early in the morning scramble to get 1500 bucks together, get to a Western Union in a crowded wal-mart and fork over 15 bucks for that. Then call back Ontario hydro to tell them we paid and sit around for close to 6 hours so they can give us back our power. Oh and because it is the weekend we have to fork out 32 bucks opposed to the 20 bucks during buisness hours for a reactivation fee. Yeah some guy shows up and turns on a switch... fan-fuckin-tastic.
Imagine if we had a new born, children, elderly living with us. Maybe someone needs a medical device that requires electricity.  I have known several people with asthma that require ventilators when they have attacks. I would have to grab a kid, run to the lobby and hope that a plug worked.
I understand shit happens like power outages, or like the big black out we had a few years back.  That I understand... this I have a huge issue with.
Another thing,  at the bottom of the letter it states that they are not responsible damaged caused by them cutting the power. This floored me.... so all your food in your fridge could go bad, spoil and thats tough shit for you. Yeah I came home maybe a few hours after they cut the power, but say I left for holidays. In fact I am on holidays this week, just say I was gone until ohhh Tuesday?? Now I need to fork out 1500 bucks, and I need money to eat. Another example is pets requiring electricity like heat lamps for exotic pets or pumps for aquariums.  Would you like to come home to a dead expensive pet because they cut the power and you have no idea why they cut the power? I have owned several fairly large aquariums with nice fish... now the filter, light and heater are gone. Your fish will have a good chance of living but if it was salt water which is way more expensive forget it. A  beautiful yet expensive hobby absolutely destroyed because they cut the power.
These are just examples... not to mention if you rely on your computer and internet for business or even if you were planning a diner for everyone and you get this?
We are no low lives running up debt and crying over it... yes we have debt but it is business debt not foolish spending.
The moron on the phone asked my girlfriend why we did not question this. Well 1st off if this was a house we would have to sign up for hydro, take our name, number, all the info required. So moving in here we were lead to believe that everything was taken care of, it is included.
So if you want to say that we should have known, or take the side of the hydro company... why the fuck do you let someone go 2 YEARS... then you slap us with this?
This place gets my vote for biggest asshole company...
We pay taxes, we never break the law, we are not shitheads... so why did we deserve this?
Fuck you Ontario hydro... fuck you, fuck you...FUCK YOU!

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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