Saturday, May 7, 2011


I am on the fence with this one, I love the big colorful projects in most of the alley ways of down town Toronto. I do not like when someone sprays "FUCK YOU" on say A Bus Shelter.
If you were to eliminate the good and at times the visually stunning graffiti in the alleys ways, you would just have a nasty looking alley way. The pieces they have created on the backs of stores are incredible.
What I do not agree with is spray painting up some ones store front.
I also do not agree with Toronto's oh so well loved mayor Rob Ford telling store owners they have to remove it or receive a fine. I do not agree with that at all...

From my personal collection, this was on the side of a building near the grocery store I shopped at. I can understand frustrations, maybe you don't want this on the side of the building. Maybe we could have a dedicated  area for street art like the do with skateboarding? Don't get me wrong I love seeing graffiti on the walls... but I think some compromising needs to happen. I do know some store commission artists to paint a store front or even inside, that is a step in right direction.

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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