Friday, May 20, 2011

The day the madness died... RIP MACHO MAN

I was a HUGE wrestling fan for years, from the early 80s all threw the 90s and then it kinda faded on me.
The night before I posted a youtube clip on my facebook wall of Randy Savage and Mean Gene Okerlund doing a interview which was hilarious. If you like Charlie Sheen and all his insane banters then you should definitely check out some old wrestling interviews of his.
Born in 1951 he started wrestling in 1973 and held several wrestling championships over the years in different federations and had legions of fans.
I had the chance the watch Savage wrestle in the legendary Maple Leaf Gardens several times taking on Ted Dibiase, The Honky Tonk Man , and Bad News brown. All of his matches were breath taking and action packed.
He will be missed for sure, A true wrestler who gave it his all and put a lot of asses in seats over the years.

One of my all time favorite matches, the wrestling in the match was way ahead of its time. Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3

I have never seen this before... this is bad ass!!

Pure Savage 100%

His early start


Latest photo.

Thank you Randy Poffo aka RANDY "THE MACHO MAN" SAVAGE!

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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