Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We are back...
I have had this idea, name, clothing line in the works for a few years.  Numerous times I have thrown it on the back burner, or just did not feel the time was right. Well I have waited long enough and the time for me to make my move is now. The artist and business partner I am involved with is top notch, he is my backbone in this. The one thing I admire about Vince is that I can  come up with a concept, show him my idea and he will always do to my liking but 10x better then I expected.
I have talked to other artist, and even had some artists send me some work and it never really interested me or grabbed the essence I was looking for. Vince has it, so this clothing line is nothing but A cool name that everyone loves... but mixed with his artistic abilities I can see this going far. I have been told to my face, stopped at conventions, malls, you name it.... they love the name. Vince is a comic book artist, people absolutely love his work... I think this can be a successful with out a doubt.
Besides Vince... I have alined myself, connected and built with several individuals.
My good friend N.Raina is A up and coming Hip Hop artist from my neck of the woods. He is hard working individual, has built his own studio, label and is close to finishing his first album. He is a big supporter of what I am doing, and I am a big supporter of what he is doing.
Rattail films is one Toronto's best film companies, it happens to be owned by my girl and our good friend William Primrose.  I plan to use the studio when I can to my advantage, this wont be some hand held cam filming some guys in shirts behind a plaza. Trust me, the quality involved will be impressive, when we shoot a commercial it will be top notch.
Rapper Adil Omar from overseas has shown love and I am honored because this dude is the next big thing. I have followed his career for years now and he is currently working on a very big album! When you have the likes of Everlast, Kool G rap, Xzibit and many more on your album... your on the right track to stardom.
As much as I do not like facebook it has connected me with a lot of people, even if they never buy a shirt, I have got encouragement and support, and I thank them all for that.
I can go on for days here, and the blog still needs so work, so if I didn't mention you now, you know you will be mentioned in the future.

To break it down... "Real men... Real problems" is a clothing line, but a lot of thought has been put into this and it holds a lot of meaning. First and foremost, I have witnessed way too many of my friends get thrown into early fatherhood, get trapped in dead end jobs, just can't catch a break but they bust there fucking asses day to day, and live pay cheque to pay cheque.
I have other friends who threw caution into the wind, took massive risks and sacrificed so much to live a dream or to just better themselves.
A good chunk of this was created for them, they inspired me to create this, it is my homage to them.
I take nothing away from them, they are real men and the problems they faced and took on were 100% real. That is why our logo is teeth biting a bullet, to bite the bullet is to make yourself do something or accept something difficult or unpleasant" 

Another chunk of this is me slapping the face of the all these clothing lines I see everyday. I am sick of "Affliction", "Tap out" and "Ed Hardy" and all the douche bags who wear them. Skinny jeans, silly haircuts, popped up collars... I had enough.
I want to wear a shirt that says something, that means something... and that a group of individuals can relate to.
To be truthful I want to see people wear my clothing, but I would really prefer if some individuals stayed clear of wearing it. It may hurt me in the pocket, but I hate when people fake the funk.
I do not want some rich kid who has everything handed to him in life wearing it. I do not want some lazy ass who does not take care of his family and is abusive to woman wearing my shit. Yeah I curse my girl out and I get angry at her, but I support her and she supports me and like they say "behind every good man is a good woman".
I know a lot of teenage boys get thrown into manhood real quick at times, due to teenage pregnancy, loss of a Father, that type of stuff... yeah you guys have the right. You other kids, who got nothing to worry about except maybe a girl dumping and crap like that... wear something else. Go buy a quiksilver shirt or     go buy some flashy shit from Hot topic.

This is a movement, A change, it is the worlds biggest crew that so many of us belong to like it or not. I took "Revolution" and mashed it with the word "Real" the REALvolion.
REVOLUTION - A total or radical change; as, a revolution in one's circumstances or way of living.
REAL- Free of pretense, falsehood, or affectation

More to come!
Thanks for reading... 

R.M.R.P. The REALvolution...

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